From top left: 12th July 1959, Banner unfurling 1974, 12th July 1979, 12th July 1984

Lodge banners from top left, banner unfurled circa 1920, 1956,1974, 2000 and current banner unfurled in 2008.

The Orange Hall as it would have looked in 1912 and a photo taken immediately after the fire in September 2006.  A picture taken inside the hall after the fire, demolition work begins in November 2007 and the site is finally cleared December 2007.

Work begins on the new Donaghadee Orange & Protestant Hall in April 2008 and continues in May, the roof timbers are fitted in June.
The roof is tiled in and the flags fly proudly in July 2008 and the Hall nears completion in August 2008.

LOL 781 and guests make their way to the new Hall where the Bro Drew Nelson unfurls the new banner which is proudly displayed while the Brethren gather ready for the official opening of the new Hall. Bro Drew Nelson officially opens the new Orange Hall, LOL 781 and visitors pose for the local press.

Interior of the new Donaghadee Orange and Protestant Hall

12th July 2012, LOL 781 had the honour of hosting and leading the annual Boyne Anniversary Celebrations.
Below: The Lodge, visiting Brethren and Junior LOL 781 prior to the start of the parade, crowds gather in Donaghadee, members of the North Irish Dragoon Society and Orange Lil, County Down Grand Orange Lodge bannerette leads Upper Ards District LOL 11 Officers, LOL 781 and visiting Brethren lead the way to and people enjoy the festivities at the  "The Field"